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Memories from Portugal

Memories from PortugalPosted by Wojtek Niemiec Thu, December 04, 2014 18:41:21
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Thanks from Sandra

Memories from PortugalPosted by Kasia Kunysz Tue, April 08, 2014 16:09:46
I’m very grateful for all the unforgettable moments and hospitality. I never suspected that going abroad and meeting so many new people could be so pleasant! In Portugal I had the unique chance to taste the best food ever! I absolutely loved the ice breakers that helped us get to know each other! Many thanks for all that wonderful time spent together with you and I really hope that I’ll get another chance to visit you in the future!

Thanks from Magda

Memories from PortugalPosted by Kasia Kunysz Tue, March 25, 2014 15:48:45
I’m really thankful for the trip, I’m sure I’ll be remember it forever. That was my chance to try and practice my English and I can even say I’m proud of myself. At the beginning I was afraid to speaking but then everything has changed. I’ve become more self-confident and I fell more comfortable when I’m speaking English. I’ll never forget the view of Covilha at night and delicious Pastel de nata, but the most of all, I’ll be remember people! Portuguese people are really friendly, hospitable, respectful, carring, funny and talkative. I’ve already missed everybody and I hope we’ll see each other again.

Thank you very much

Memories from PortugalPosted by Kasia Kunysz Tue, March 25, 2014 15:29:11

Visiting Fundao was unforgettable experience for both Polish students and teachers due to number of reasons. First of all, we (all school coordinators) could meet again after long time and work on the project together with our colleagues and exchange ideas within a multinational group. Moreover, the possibility of getting to know each other better was priceless. Ice breakers performed by Bart, baking bread together in Aldeia de Jones and the games arranged after that - all those activities made us feel like a big multicultural family. What is more, everything was planned perfectly from the beginning to the end of our visit. Your devotion, hospitality, patience, schedule organisation and professional approach to showing us around have created amazing atmosphere. The most valuable is the fact that in Fundao we have made friends forever.

Mr Anacleto, you must be very proud of the dream team of teachers around you and very lucky to educate so open-minded, enthusiastic and creative students.

Saying Thank you is not enough to extend our appreciation. Special words of gratitude we would like to send to Joao Theodosio for being so attentive to our needs, under standing, patient and still friendly ;)

Elzbieta Jejer-Kokowska, Joanna Maniak, Marek Skorcz and Marek Cholodowski

Thanks from Kasia :D

Memories from PortugalPosted by Kasia Szopieray Tue, March 11, 2014 19:06:52
I spent a really great time in Portugal. People are fantastic there. They are nice, friendly and they helped us a lot in Portugal. I want to say "Thank you" to my host family. Moreover, the most important for me is the fact that I have improved my language skills. I also met new people and started new friendships.

Thank you guys

Memories from PortugalPosted by Kasia Kunysz Sun, March 09, 2014 10:42:01
I've really enjoyed the time in Portugal. I'm happy that I've met new people and new culture. I've tried very tasty food. The landscapes were magnificent! My host family was very kind and hospitable.
I'll be missing our group meetings on which we were talking a lot and laughing. I hope I will meet those people again in the future ;)

Thanks from Angela

Memories from PortugalPosted by Angelika Klejbor Sat, March 08, 2014 23:36:58
Portugal is awesome! I love all the portugesse people I met. My host family was very friendly and hostable. I really miss this nice guitarist João Talking with you and learning portugesse words was a big pleasure. I want so much to come back to you. Thank you!