GYG - Nuernberg Comenius Team

GYG - Nuernberg Comenius Team

Picking up our guests from the airport

Being a good guidePosted by Matthias Tran 27 Jul, 2015 09:44

As our guests from Belgium, Poland, Estonia and Portugal arrived at the airport, a small group of German pupils picked them up from the airport and brought them to the school. It was important for the pupils to think about, what they must be aware, if you are guiding a big group of foreign English speaking people. Here is a checklist we did to be well prepared...


Icebreaker & TeambuildingPosted by Matthias Tran 10 Jul, 2015 09:06

After the Comenius groups from Portugal, Estonia and Belgium had arrived, we played some ice breaker games to get to know each other better.

First of all we did a little paper chase through the school and the park in small groups. Each group was guided by a German student who showed our guests the different rooms and the playground in the park. The groups had to find colored papers and to solve little tasks like building a human pyramid.

After this starting game we played some other ice breaker games.

All students and teachers built a circle and had to hold each other’s hand. Between us we had a hula hoop which we had to transport round the circle so everybody had to climb through the hula hoop without unhanding each other.

The last game was for learning the new names. We threw little balls to each other and had to say the person’s name. After some easy rounds with only one ball we played the game with more balls. This was very chaotic but made a lot of fun!

A city tour and a ralley thru the streets of Nuremberg

historical&interesting placesPosted by Matthias Tran 09 Jul, 2015 12:58
This is a little brochure of our city tour through Nuremberg we did with our guests. Teachers and pupils guided other pupils from Belgium, Poland, Portugal and Estonia.

Afterwards the guests were sent to a ralley thru the streets of Nuremberg.
See the Questions below:

10 steps to open up a business

EconomyPosted by Matthias Tran 09 Jul, 2015 10:16
Here is a PPP of 10 steps you should have in mind, if you want to build up a business.

Tiergarten Nürnberg - A landscape zoo

NaturePosted by Matthias Tran 09 Jul, 2015 08:55
One of Nuremberg most famous natural resources is the zoological garden.

The Nuremberg zoo is one of the most beautiful zoological gardens within Europe. It is situated in a huge, splendored park whose characteristic features vary between rugged rock formations consisting of redish sandstone, hundreds of years old trees and idyllic wetlands and ponds. There is an unique interaction between flora, fauna and landscape that offers real fun and recreation for adults and kids as well. The Tiergarten Nürnberg was shaped by former sandstone quarries and mixed forests of the ancient Nuremberg Reichswald.

Our pupils guided the guests through the zoo with a Tiergarten ralley:

You can see the questions of our ralley by clicking on the .pdf down here:

The legend of the Robber-Knight Eppelein

Fairy tales and legendsPosted by Matthias Tran 08 Jul, 2015 12:03
We brought this cartoon to our trip to Belgium to tell the story of the most famous fairy tale of Nuremberg. It's about the robber-knight Eppelein who played a trick to escape from death penalty. His last wish was to see his horse for a last time. He took the chance and jumped over the moat of the Nuremberg castle with his horse. Nowadays you can still see the mark of the horse shoe on the castle wall ;)

Estonia - Pictures & Presentation

TripsPosted by Matthias Tran 11 Jun, 2015 09:02
And finally our presentation about our GYG-trip to Estonia, we showed our pupils and teachers at our school.

Check the PPP attached below the pictures!


TripsPosted by Matthias Tran 20 May, 2015 12:36

Here is a small presentation of our Poland vist in April!

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