GYG - Nuernberg Comenius Team

GYG - Nuernberg Comenius Team

Impressions of the pupils at the end of the journeys and visits

TripsPosted by Annette 28 Jul, 2015 10:45

Thank you for the great time.
Thank you that we could take part in the journeys.
Thank you for the friendly reception in the host families.
Thank you for the wonderful excursions.
Thank you for the 5 days that we could spent with you.
Thank you for the super project.

Impressions of the 1. grade

Now I know that Portugal is my favourite country. I like it very much.

It was nice to see the children from other countries.

It was fun being on stage for them.

Impressions of the 2. grade

I thought everything was very interesting that I learned about the other countries.In particular, I was pleased to get some candy.

The visit to the guest students in our class was very nice.

All who visited us were very nice. I would immediately go away again.

I was happy about the gifts. I particulary enjoyed Skyping with Belgium. I would like to travel to Poland.

Impressions of the 3. grade

I liked the country Estonia. I have found an Estonian girlfriend.

This was my 1st time abroad.

I travelled by ICE for the first time.

In my family there were 2 guest students, Jarry from Belgium and Aliom from Estonia.

It was terrific in Belgium. I met nice people.

Erics guest student was very nice.

I thought it was a great idea to get to know other countries and to come into contact with other languages.

Impressions of the 4.grade

Thank you for letting me see a little of your country (Poland). I liked it very much and I would have liked to stay longer.

It was nice to play memory with the visitors, Mikael was very funny.

I would have liked to see the Ship Museum in Estonia.

Impressions of the 5. grade

I was in Belgium. I liked it very much there. I met a lot of nice children.

It was nice to meet children from different countries. I enjoyed the activities at our school with our guests.

Impressions of the 6. grade

Our host family in Kehra was very kind.

I`d like to thank you our school in Edegem for the food.

I liked the visit to the museum near Fundao best.

The pupils who came to Nuremberg were all very nice.

Sandro especially liked the portuguese girls.

Impressions of the 7. grade

It was great to see the sea for the first time.

It was nice to make so many friends during the journey.