GYG - Nuernberg Comenius Team

GYG - Nuernberg Comenius Team

First impressions of summer in the Nuremberg Stadtpark

School & hometownPosted by Christine Lödel 21 May, 2014 11:57
Here are some impressions from the Nuremberg Stadtpark.

We shot them in the park next to our school, where we spend our time during the breaks.
The big meadow.

A shot from the top of the playground tower.
This is a photo, where you can see a part of the "street of children rights".

Greetings from Luis, Arne, Liam, Samantha and Leonie.


School & hometownPosted by Matthias Tran 07 May, 2014 11:19
This is our presentation about our hometown "Nürnberg" and our little school "Regina Stein Schule" which we did at our first Comenius-trip in Fundao.

Enjoy by clicking HERE!