GYG - Kehra Comenius Team

GYG - Kehra Comenius Team

Estonian GYG

Here we present things done within GYG project in Estonia.

Tallinn Old Town Game

About EstoniaPosted by Liilian Ots Sun, September 13, 2015 21:03:50
Our Comenius team created Tallinn Old Town Game to introduce the Old Town to our partner school guests during the Estonian mobility in February 2015.

Here are the instructions for playing:

We also created an interactive map to use. That is possible to use for moving between game points. You can find it HERE.

You have to click on the arrows to move from one point to another on the map. There is also a chance to see a picture about the object, what You need to find and You can read also game instructions in the point over there . If You click on the picture, then it opens in a bigger window.

Have a nice game!smiley

Tips about being a guide

Tips about being a GuidePosted by Liilian Ots Sun, July 26, 2015 01:56:19
I asked Anna-Liisa to answer some of the questions about guiding. Here are answers what I got smiley

Enjoy! smiley

Kehra Manor

About Kehra and places near itPosted by Liilian Ots Fri, July 17, 2015 17:01:35
Here is a short summary about the Kehra Manor made by me.

Swamps and bogs in Estonia

NaturePosted by Liilian Ots Fri, July 10, 2015 11:13:12
Here is a brief summary about the swamps and bogs in Estonia smiley

Kehra's Nature

About Kehra - filmsPosted by Liilian Ots Mon, April 13, 2015 19:17:59
Here's a video about the nature around our town.

Comenius Partnership Visit to Kehra Gymnasium in Estonia 2015

Visits to our partner schoolsPosted by Liilian Ots Sun, April 05, 2015 13:29:17

Here's a video of the visit to our school.