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GYG - Kehra Comenius Team

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Here we present things done within GYG project in Estonia.

Ülemiste Elder

Local legendsPosted by Anne Tanne Tue, May 19, 2015 13:50:17
Ülemiste Elder

Every year sometimes during autumn, when the nights are long and dark, an old man from the lake Ülemiste comes to the Gates of Town (Viru Gates) and asks from the guard of town, if the town is completed yet. The guard shall always answer, that town is not completed yet, many constructions are still going on and asks the old man from lake Ülemiste to come back next year. The Legend says that if the old man should ever know thst town is completed. The Lake Ülemiste rises over and Tallinn will be drowned.

Jekaterina Kulik


Kreutzwald, Fr. R. (2003). Paiklikud ennemuistsed jutud. Tallinn : Varrak.

Legend(Dawn and Twlight)

Local legendsPosted by Katrin Klemets Wed, April 15, 2015 16:29:23

Koit ja Hämarik(Dawn and Twilight)

God had two faithful servants a boy called Koit,which means Dawn and a girl called Hämarik,which means Twlight.Their task was to ensure that there was light on the earth.God said,''I trust you both.You,Twiligh,have to take care of the setting sun and you,Dawn,have to look after the rising sun''.

Twilight gaves sunlight on the moment of sunrise to dawn.Dawn gaves sunlight on the moment of sunset to Twilight .

According to an estonian legend,two lovers,Twilight and Dawn meet briefly and exchange a kiss.It happens when we have the lightest and shortest night in Estonia in June on St.John's Eve(June the 23th).

Why so?

God had noticed Dawn and Twilight meeting on that night ond told them to be happy and live together.But Dawn and Twilight answered''NO!'' and said that they want to be in love forever and meet only in june when there is the shortest and lightest night in Estonia.


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