GYG - Belgium

GYG - Belgium

The Belgians

This is what the Belgians have produced up to now


Logs&reportsPosted by Laurence Ngonseu Sun, May 18, 2014 23:23:32
This is what I've produced up to now.

1. My logo

2. The video guiding people around and hosting people (+ scenario)(you will find it by Gloria Portolani)

3. A text about the main activities in Antwerp and Brussels (made with Gloria Portolani)

4. The followign text and ppt are about the different cultures in Belgium which we can study when you guys come visit us.
5. The nature and economy of Belgium.

6. I made a ppt with Gloria Portolani about the other countries.

7. Ice breakers!

8. The nature of Poland, made with Klaudia Zieba and Gloria Portolani.