GYG - Belgium

GYG - Belgium

The Belgians

This is what the Belgians have produced up to now


Logs&reportsPosted by Kelvin Choi Sun, May 18, 2014 16:19:25
Powerpoint of Belgium

a powerpoint with stereotypes of Belgium

A shortfilm from Antwerp city

An estimated price for the visist from our partners (Youth hostel, food, activities...)

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Story time: The origin of the name Antwerpen

It began a 1000 years B.C. on a island in de Schelde. A castle was built by the city Tongeren. When everyone lived in peace, a giant came to conquer the castle. The giant his name was Druon Antigoon. Dark years began for the sailors. The sailors used to pay a tenth from their property to the city Tongeren. But since the giant conquered the castle where people had to pay their toll, he asked instead of a tenth, a half of their property.

The sailor had to give away his property or his right hand will be cut off with his huge sword, and will be thrown in de Schelde.

Dark times will end fast by the King of Tongeren, Salvus Brabo. He wasn't only the King of Tongeren but he was also a relative with Julius Caesar. He was preparing himself for the battle against the giant.

One day he was ready to fight, that day he defeated Druon Antigoon. As a punishment he cut off the right hand of the giant and threw it in de Schelde like the giant always did. It was the revenge of all the sailors whom hands were cut off.

So the name Antwerpen comes from Handwerpen it means throwing a hand. But this is of course a story, but known as the origin of the name Antwerp.

Estonia: nature comparing to Belgium

Estonia has a lot of trees and the skies are often cloudy, rain often falls in the spring and autumn, in the winter it could be very cold under 0°degrees. But with some clothes on you could survive it. This year we had a very soft winter in Belgium, we barely had snow. The sea improves the climate during spring and summer there could be some wind, so that the average temperature in July is 17 degrees Celsius. It's similar to the Belgian weather. The temperature could rise to 30 degrees in summer. Estonia has a lot of lakes, the largest of these is Lake Peipsi, which is the fourth largest freshwater lake in Europe. In Belgium we don't really have big lakes. Our landscape is filled with buildings instead of green areas. There are also many rivers in Estonia, but only ten of them are longer than 100 kilometres. The most important rivers are the Pärnu River and the Emajõgi River. The most important rivers in Belgium are, de Maas, de Rijn, de Schelde, de Ijzer and de Seine. Estonia has a impressive coast from about 4000km, that's huge if u know the Belgian coast is only about 70km.

We are used to the city in Belgium, maybe we should explore some nature in the other comenius countries.