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GYG - Belgium

The Belgians

This is what the Belgians have produced up to now

My summary

Logs&reportsPosted by Leen Meynen Fri, May 23, 2014 23:09:02
It has been an amazing year with a lot of opportunities to get to know new people, cultures, countries,...
This is a summary of what I've produced. Some things I did with Lauranne Lemaitre and Kato Verwaest, some things with Nicolas Carême and some things I made on my own.
In the beginning of the year Lauranne, Kato and I made a video about Antwerp.
If you want to, you can check all the information we said in the video in the following documents:
After that I made a logo:
Then I made a presentation about Belgium:
I also made a presentation about Portugal:
And last but not least Nicolas and I talked to an Estonian girl, Joanna. Here is our conversation: Thank you for the experience!

My Summary

Logs&reportsPosted by Femke Lippens Thu, May 22, 2014 12:55:25

This year has been a lovely experience. Meeting new people from all over the world, getting to know some countries I would never think of visiting one day,…

Io and I made an essay about the culture in Belgium in which we discussed the typical food, our holidays (We mostly stressed on ‘Sinterklaas’) and art (Painters, Architecture, literature and musicians).

To get an actual perspective of the Belgian culture, we made three videos to visually give some information. In those videos we discussed the same things as we did in the essay but we also added some famous Belgian actors.

We also had to make a logo for GYG. I didn’t really have a good program so I had to use Paint. My logo didn’t turn out that great, but I did enjoy making it.

I made a PowerPoint about Germany and Estonia. We received these instructions to get to know these countries better and I immediately fell in love with Estonia’s beautiful landscapes and culture.

To prepare the people who went to Portugal for Comenius, we had to create a few icebreakers. I really enjoyed making them.

The last instructions we received were to find a partner, situated in one of the countries we are partners with, to talk about the culture, culture and legends there. I found a partner in Poland, named Klaudia, who helped me make this essay. It was a lot of fun for me to get to know her and to get to know Poland.

Thank you for the lovely experience.


Logs&reportsPosted by Emilie Kholopov Mon, May 19, 2014 20:11:20
This is my summary of all the things I have done this year for GYG:

1) Logo 2) Antwerp, bike tour

3) Nature in Belgium4) Icebreakers5) Nature in Poland : Klaudia Nina Brzezinska


Logs&reportsPosted by Laurence Ngonseu Sun, May 18, 2014 23:23:32
This is what I've produced up to now.

1. My logo

2. The video guiding people around and hosting people (+ scenario)(you will find it by Gloria Portolani)

3. A text about the main activities in Antwerp and Brussels (made with Gloria Portolani)

4. The followign text and ppt are about the different cultures in Belgium which we can study when you guys come visit us.
5. The nature and economy of Belgium.

6. I made a ppt with Gloria Portolani about the other countries.

7. Ice breakers!

8. The nature of Poland, made with Klaudia Zieba and Gloria Portolani.


Logs&reportsPosted by Toni Paric Sun, May 18, 2014 23:17:37
This is a summary of my work for Commenius:

1) Video about Belgium 2) Powerpoint about Belgium

3) Powerpoint about our partners 4) Logo

5) Document about the nature in Belgium


Logs&reportsPosted by Robin Mosch Sun, May 18, 2014 21:59:13
This is my summary of all the things I have done this year for GYG:

1) Logo

2) Bike tour
3) Powerpoint partners

4) Powerpoint Belgium (English and German)

These powerpoints are too big to import sorry!

5) Nature Belgium

6) Icebreakers

7) Nature Portugal


Logs&reportsPosted by Gloria Portolani Sun, May 18, 2014 19:04:59
This is a summary of the documents I've made during this School year.

1) Video guiding people around and hosting people (+ scenario). I made this with Laurence Ngonseu.

2) Powerpoint about Belgium (file is too big but I have already send it once to mister Wauters via Smartschool) + text about Belgium powerpoint.

3) Icebreakers

4) Nature in Belgium

5) GYG logo

6) Nature in Poland (with Laurence Ngonseu and Klaudia Zieba).


Logs&reportsPosted by Sam Van Heester Sun, May 18, 2014 17:38:56
This is a summary of the documents I've made during this School year.

1) Logo

2) Bike tour

3) This is a powerpoint about our partners that I made with Robin and Tom.

4) This is a powerpoint about Belgium.

5) This is a summary that I made about Portugal.

Verslag Portugal

Mijn verwachtingen over Portugal waren voor de reis niet zo groot. Ik wist ook niet goed wat me te wachten stond maar na de reis was ik toch zeer blij dat ik toch ben meegegaan. Portugezen zijn een van de vriendelijkste en warmste mensen die ik ooit heb ontmoet.

Bom dia:

Deze woorden hoor je overal en altijd. Mensen groeten elkaar altijd als ze mekaar tegenkomen ook al kennen ze mekaar niet.

In het begin van de reis zat elk land apart maar dit was maar van korte duur. Door onder andere de ‘icebreakers’ en de vele spelletjes leerden de andere landen elkander al snel kennen.

Van het gastgezin had ik het meeste schrik, maar dit bleek ook voor niets nodig. Mijn gastgezin was zeer gastvrij en vriendelijk en had me zeer goed ontvangen.

Waar ik wel van verschoten was, was dat de economische crisis nog steeds voelbaar was en vele huizen/appartementen te koop stonden. Leven in Portugal was zeker niet gemakkelijk.

Het was een zeer leuke ervaring en ik zou direct terug meegaan!

6) Tom and me have made a document about the nature in Belgium and Poland.

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