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Natural ResourcesPosted by Joao Teodosio 01 Jul, 2015 11:44

The natural resources of Fundão and its region are, at the same time, the resources of this municipality economy. Our Comenius team students produced some material which can give visitors an idea of what you can find here regarding natural products made with our natural resources. Of course they had the help of their Chemistry teacher and the Chemistry classes knowledge.

Here you have some search made about our wine, our olive oil, cherry cream cake (Pastel de nata de cereja) and even natural soaps.

Sorry visitor, our students hadn't enough time to change text into English. Anyway, they promised they would do it.

Here you have a small video called "From the harvest to the wine glasse". In it, you can watch some of the procedures done to produce the wine.

Download the file for the document "Da oliveira ao azeite" (Portuguese version):

Download the file for the document "From the olive trees to the olive oil" (English version):Download the file for the document "Cherry cream cake" or "Pastel de Nata de Cereja":Download the file for the document "Natural soaps made at home":
Download the file for the presentation "From the harvest to the wine glass":

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