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GYG - Who are we?

Who are we?Posted by Joao Teodosio 29 Jun, 2015 23:05
GYG? What the hell is that?

Well, The “GYG – The Ultimate Guide for Young European Guides” is one of the last Comenius projects aimed at organizing a guide with the collaborative work of the students from all the five European regions to enhance the very particular features of each one of their original regions.

The Project involves the participation of teachers and students from the following countries: Germany (Nuremberg), Belgium (Edegem-Antwerp); Poland (Zlotow) and Estonia (Kehra), beyond Portugal (Fundão).
One of its goals is the promotion of the cultural, natural, human and urban heritage, among others, so that those regions can be seen as attractive in terms of tourism, just to mention one of the areas. It also aims at facilitating the access of the European youth to the regions of the other member countries having as the starting point the work carried out by other young people, i.e., in the case of Fundão and its surroundings, the work done by the Agrupamento de Escolas do Fundão.

(This is a monument built in February 2014 to celebrate the first Comenius partners visit)
(A similar monument built in the partner school of Zlotow, Poland in April 2015)

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