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Discover Ancient Fundão

Fundão: Places of InterestPosted by Joao Teodosio 29 Jun, 2015 18:16

Discover Ancient Fundão - Trip around the old part of the town

Here's a nice way on how to discover the ancient part of the old town. You can just download this pdf guide and use it discovering old Fundão.

The history of Fundão is connected to 3 elements: water, agriculture and commerce. The tour around the old part of the town will show the importance of these three elements in its development.

The development of agricultural activities is related to the names of the two main nucleus which originated the town: Quintã e Quintanzinha.

The origin of the word Fundão is also associated with the word “fundiário”, which means land owner.

Another important feature of the town’s history is commerce. The arrival of Jews from Spain (converted to New-Christians) encouraged the development of commerce in the city.

Jews weren’t farmers; they were mainly tradesmen and craftsmen. They left their mark in the economic development of the region, which we can still see in the type of buildings along this axis ( Rua da Cale, Rua Dr. João Pinto e Rua da Quintã). Almost every house has a garden, so water is an important matter in the history of this town. Coming from Serra da Gardunha, water was indispensable to the agricultural activity and used for domestic consumption.

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