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Casa do Guarda

Fundão: Places of InterestPosted by Joao Teodosio 26 Jun, 2015 19:00

Casa do Guarda in Alcongosta, Fundão

It is located near Alcongosta, a village in Serra da Gardunha, Fundão. Serra da Gardunha is a mountain which reaches 1227 meters height.

The mountain has a house at its top where the mountain keeper used to live. It is called the House of the Mountain keeper or, in Portuguese, Casa do Guarda. Unfortunately, nowadays there is no one living there.

The house is located on that high place because from there people can glimpse at the entire mountain, so it allowed the keeper to detect the fires all over the mountain just from an early stage. It also lets us have sublime views of the countryside, from Alcongosta to the cities of Fundão and Covilhã.

In autumn, we can go there and have nice family picnics or pick up some chestnuts and pines for the winter. Although fascinating in autumn, in other seasons of the year we can also engage in several activities such as picking up cherries and going to the swimming pool in summer and walking along the flowered cherry trees tracks in spring.

As it is in the mountain, we are also able to go jogging among the mountain tracks designed for nature lovers.

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