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Papas de carolo

Tales and legendsPosted by Joao Teodosio 26 Jun, 2015 17:47

Festa das Papas (Maize porridge pilgrimage) in Póvoa da Atalaia, Fundão. Every third Sunday in January, the village prepares to cook the maize porridge (papas de carolo) and receive thousands of visitors. Everything began with a legend.

The maize porridge legend and the recipe of “Papas de Carolo”


According to the legend, a long time ago, there was a very serious plague of grasshoppers in the region. Everything farmers cultivated was eaten by the grasshoppers. The farmers asked Saint Sebastian to help them getting rid of those insects. They promised they would build a chapel in his honor and, yearly, each third Sunday of January, they would make a pilgrimage there. In this pilgrimage, farmers promised also they would distribute white maize porridge (papas de carolo) freely, as well as fritters, to all the local inhabitants. The grasshoppers disappeared...

Where and when does it happen?

The pilgrimage happens next to Saint Sebastian chapel in Póvoa da Atalaia (Fundão) parish, each third Sunday of January.

You can watch to some images about this pilgrimage here: