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GYG - Fundão Comenius Team

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Easter in Fundão

Fundão: Places of InterestPosted by Joao Teodosio 29 Jun, 2015 18:01

Religious Celebrations at Easter

The Easter traditions, which define the soul of the people from Fundão and its surroundings, are one of the traits that help explain the cultural heritage of the region.The ceremonies which are held each year at Lent are based on the preservation of the old religious festivities.

For the locals who revive the traditions each year they represent the bond between Man and the Holy Spirit, the collective feeling of worshiping and believing.

These cultural events are called “Quadragésima” and are held in different places across the council of Fundão. They range from truly popular events (popular gatherings, religious processions in the Holy Week and staged Christian representations) to more culturally elaborated ones (liturgical dramas, medieval preaches, ancient prayers, among others) whose aim is to spread the local cultural religious heritage.

In Fundão itself the night procession portraying Christ’s death involves the city in an atmosphere of darkness and deep mourning. The Scouts Group of Fundão also joins in the celebrations by staging parts of the Passion of Christ in the Gardunha Mountain during the night ceremonies.

Just find out when next year's Holy Week is going to happen and visit us by that time!