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Fundão: Places of InterestPosted by Joao Teodosio 29 Jun, 2015 17:55
Despite all the new buildings we have in Fundão, there are also some ruins that worth a visit. One example is The Convent of the Holy Lady of Seixo (Convento de Nossa Senhora do Seixo) known around here as simple "The Convent" (O Convento).

One of the most important monument s in Fundão is the convent of the Holy Lady of Seixo which dates back from the 16th century and is located in the southern part of the city area, only within a ten-minute walk distance front the city centre

This convent was erected on the site of a former church to honour the Holy Lady of Seixo. It was the home of the male “Order of Friars Minor" or simply the "Franciscans" as they are commonly called.

In 1779 the convent hosted the first public school founded in Fundão but in 1834 all the religious orders, convents, monasteries, religious schools and hospitals were extinguished, an act which dictated the demise of the Convent of the Holy Lady of Seixo.

There have been several attempts to rebuild it to become a hotel, since it was built in a green slope from where you can devise a magnificent view over the fertile plains of this region, known as “Cova da Beira”.

Since May this year there are new high hopes to see it rebuilt since it was published in the local newspaper that currently there is a project running to have a four-star hotel built, a project to be accomplished in five-year’s time. Will the dream come true this time?