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Papas de carolo recipe

Tales and legendsPosted by Joao Teodosio 26 Jun, 2015 17:50

First: “wash” the "carolo". How do I usually do it? Just pour the referred amount of “carolo” into a bowl and open the water tap. Stir the “carolo” with your hand or with a soup spoon for a while. Then, very carefully pour the water out. Be carefully to avoid throwing out the "carolo" itself. The idea is that the kind of a very fine “flour” that will come on the surface of the bowl water is thrown away and the “clean carolo”, the "heavy corn flour" remains in the bottom of the bowl. Do this as many times as you wish till it seems to you the “carolo” is cleaned of that “fine flour” or other parts that aren't as yellow as the "carolo" is supposed to be. You will find some small black dots. Not a problem if all these small black dots don't go way at all. At the same time you do this, you must have already heat a water pan. A considerably large pan to avoid you burn your hands when it boils. Attention: the water you heat in the pan must be x 4 the number of carolo cups you have used. So, if you decide to use 3 small/medium cups of “carolo”, you must heat 12 small/medium cups of water. Put inside the water 1 tea spoon of salt, a stick of cinnamon and the peel of half an orange. (no problem if you don't use the cinnamon stick. I use it because I think the final product gets better. But the orange peel is absolutely necessary). When the water in the pan begins to boil, just pour slowly the “washed carolo” you had in the bowl and, since this very moment, you have to start stirring the pan content, preferently with a wooden spoon. Ok, you may use a silicone stirring spoon! Never stop stirring it or the “solution” may begin to stick into the pan bottom and burn! You must feel the solution becomes more thick. Let it cook for 2 or 3 minutes and never stop stiring. Gradually add the milk. At least 0,6 liters. Now you decide: if you want your “papas” soft as a pudding, put the rest of the milk up to 0,80 or 1 liter. If you want them more consistent in such a way you can cut it in slides when they are cold, don't add more than 0,6/0,7 liters of milk and let it boil for longer time. After adding the milk, add the sugar at once and, remember, keep stiring always and always. Let the solution boil again. When you feel it has the consistency you desire, take the pan off the heat. Profit the moment everything is hot to pour the “papas” into dishes, plates or individual cups. If you let them go cold inside the pan, you have a problem... you'll have to eat them from the pan which isn't really very aesthetic or elegant... :-) Decorate the dishes, plates or cups with powder cinnamon (absolutely necessary) and wait until they are cold. Serve chilled and delight yourself and friends.

Ingredients for 4 persons:
3 small/medium cups of “carolo” (ground corn flouir); 0,6 to 1 litre of milk (semi-skimmed); 1 cup of sugar; salt; cinnamon.